Covid restrictions

As of 31-07-2022, there are no Covid limitations to travel to Poland. Moreover, all Covid-related restrictions have been lifted. This means that masks are optional.


The local currency in Poland is the Polish złoty (PLN). The exchange rates are roughly 4,7 PLN for 1 euro and 4,6 PLN for 1 US dollar. Almost all shops in Warsaw accept payments by card. Most shops are closed on Sundays.

Holidays in November

November 1st and November 11th are public holidays in Poland. While most shops will be closed on these dates, it will be possible to access IM PAN by ringing the bell. Please note that on November 11th, Polish national independence day, there are usually demonstrations in Warsaw: some of the main streets will be closed to traffic and several bus and tram lines will suspend or modify their activity.

Public transport

Warsaw is easy to navigate with public transport. It is possible to buy tickets at any ticket machine. A 20-minute ticket costs 3,40 PLN, and it's possible to get long-term tickets. In addition, there are price reductions (for instance, for PhD students or people with disabilities). We suggest the app Jakdojade to check timetable and connections.
Besides trams, buses and metro, there is a city bike service. After registration it's possible to rent a bike. The rent is free for periods shorter than 20 minutes.


The events of the semester will take place in two different locations:

IM PAN guestrooms

The IM PAN guestrooms are in the same building as the Institute, in Śniadeckich 8. If you are staying in one of the guestrooms, you can pick up the key on the day of your arrival. The reception is open 24 hours a day. If you arrive during the night, you'll have to ring the bell and wait for a receptionist to open the door. At the reception you will be asked to sign a form to acknowledge that you received the key.

Wifi and printing

At IM PAN it is possible to connect both to Eduroam and to the IM PAN guest wifi network. Should you need to print something, feel free to email one of the organizers.