Main events

Week I, 12 Sep-16 Sep Introductory school
Week II, 19 Sep-23 Sep Kickoff workshop
Week III, 26 Sep-30 Sep
Week IV, 4 Oct-7 Oct Tensors from the physics viewpoint (starts Tue) click here for Monday Oct 3rd
Week V, 10 Oct-14 Oct
Week VI, 17 Oct-21 Oct
Week VII, 24 Oct-28 Oct Geometry of secants workshop
Week VIII, 2 Nov-4 Nov
Week IX, 7 Nov-10 Nov
Week X, 14 Nov-18 Nov Algebraic geometry and complexity theory workshop
Week XI, 21 Nov-25 Nov Tensors in statistics, optimization and machine learning
Week XII, 28 Nov-2 Dec
Week XIII, 5 Dec-9 Dec Deformation theory workshop
Week XIV, 12 Dec-16 Dec

In order to receive e-mail updates about seminars and activities (including the non-workshop activities of Weeks III, V, VI, VIII, IX, XII, XIV), please sign up to the mailing list agates which is at and request a permission to join the group.